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Company profile  

Who we are ?

Located in Qingdao, P.R. China, Qingdao Ihoho Eng.& Tech.Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Bohi Industiry Corporation ( And it has about 15 years automation instruments and metre sales and services experience in the field of petrochemicals, chemical, thermoelectricity and grain and oil industry.

Originally Bohi Hoho Eng. & Tech.¡¯s employees consist of experts and backbone personnel from Bohi Industries. As operating own business, Bohi Hoho Eng. & Tech. undertakes environment protection technology operating, thermoelectricity technology operating, equipments technology and maintenance, and automation technologies in Bohi Industry Group.

Bohi Hoho's experience and partnerships in the petrochemical, petroleum, food and chemical industries assures practical and technically sound solutions for each of our customers.

What we do ?

Bohi Hoho Eng. & Tech.¡®s primary business are

1. Technology services, technology consulting, and projects contracting in environment protection and energy conservation filed

2. Sales of petrochemical, environment protection and energy conversation equipments and accessories

3. Computer software and hardware¡¯s R&D, design, installation, operation, maintenance and sales

4. Projects consulting

5. Environmental assessment

6. Sales of thermoelectricity equipments and accessories

7. Sales of instrument and meter for automation


About Bohi Industries

Shandong Bohi Industry Co., Ltd. is focused on cereal & oil processing and vegetable fiber manufacture. Its subsidiary, Shandong Bohi Oils and Fats Industry Co., Ltd., is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP certified company, with the titles of China¡¯s Top-ten Enterprises of Devices and Cereal & Oil Industry, China¡¯s Top 500 Manufacturers, and Leading Agricultural Enterprise in Shandong. The company gains a good reputation in a wide range of high-quality products such as cooking oil, soybean meal, cotton meal, etc. Among them, ¡°Misc¡± brand cooking oil is awarded National Quality-Inspection-Free Certificate and appraised as the Shandong Famous Brand product.

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  About Bohi Hoho
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